Friday, 18 August 2017


Hey Guys! I've not posted in a while and i'm sorry, nothing has been working out for me since last month, I have loads of ideas but bringing the idea to life has been the struggle for me & the main problem is moving around in Lagos and finding where to film because when I have a video or blogpost idea in mind I always have a vision or vibe of how & where I want to film or take my pictures. So i'll definitely say that has been my biggest issues.


July was good, it rained ALOT which was the beginning of my laziness, a lot of cancelled outings & kinda of an observation stage for me. I got to see my amazing friends Chinenye and Lotanna, we had lunch at Amazon Spur Steak Ranch at the Landmark Towers in VI, it was great seeing them because it had been like a year and a half since I saw Chinenye and about 2 since I saw Lotanna. I wore a white tunic denim by "MEZUE" which I really really like and ever since I came back i've been trying to patronize nigerian brands, I recently got a denim shirt from LISAODION which i'll blog about pretty soon.  

Like I said I entered an observation stage & I took a bunch of screenshots of things people posted that I agree with, I also watched a lot of youtubers that kind of made me really check myself an example was Manny "THECLASSICMANNY" he did a video on support within the black community & one thing that got me was the issue of comparing myself to other people, I don't know it really made me think twice about myself.

August 5th was my birthday, lemme just keep it short it wasn't what I planned, everything just went wrong that day but like I said in my instagram post i'm alive so that's worth thanking God for. I met up with DanielKons last week and what we planned didn't go through exactly...IN A GOOD WAY. We first met up at Bogobiri House, then left for JazzHole, crossed the road to Signature, then took an Uber to African Artists' Foundation which was the best out of all the places we went to, long story short we ended up in Cactus Restaurant and one thing most of these places had in common was that they were hidden.
 Bogobiri House
African Artists' Foundation


I definitely say Idayat, Chelsea and Enny have been a big source of inspiration and motivation in past month, with Chelsea's work on Esquire, Idayat and Enny's blog work, I don't know its just amazing to see them grow especially when you've been following their content for while, it's kind of refreshing when you see them doing great things and that's what pushes me to do better. 
Also my brother has been helping me out alot with my pictures and taking me around and things like that, he has a big thing coming which he has really worked hard on and I'm proud of him.


You guys know me my music is always a mix between oldies & new music, Jazmine Sullivan has been up on my playlist a lot, Mali Music, HAIM's Want You Back, Earta Kitt's C'est Si Bon, Snakehips' Either Way, Daina - Baeless, Sekzy - Run. My Artist for July will be Sinead Harnett for sure her album "Chapter One" really did it for me. For August so far I will say Fifth Harmony, I like them ALOT & their album comes out on the 25th of this month and from the singles so far I'm loving it.

As always thank you to everyone who supports me, I really appreciate it!

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