Friday, 23 June 2017


Hey Guys! So if you've been on my blog before you'll notice that I do style a lot of all black pieces regardless of the season from BLACK to NOIR FOR SUMMER, NOIR FOR FALL, NOIR | SCHOOL OOTD & INSPIRATION ISLAND: LOTANNA respectively. I don't know why but you can never go wrong in an all black outfit and to be honest everyone looks good in black no matter the skin tone. I'm a very colourful person, I don't mind working with colours at all but of late I've been into darker tones and shades, I feel black is a colour people kinda shun during spring and summer but like I noted before I don't mind it at all. I got back to Lagos a couple of days ago and it's been great so far & apart from my Mum's food, I've been seriously enjoying the rain because we don't get it that much in Cyprus. I really want to do a lot of Blog and YouTube related things this summer while I'm in Lagos because I didn't get the chance in the previous year and the last time I did anything on my blog while in Lagos was back in August[PINK] & September[NEOPRENE] 2015. They are a lot of bloggers, youtubers and creative people here in Lagos in comparison to Cyprus so I want to use every opportunity I have to create something amazing. 

For my outfit I went for a plain black t-shirt from LC WAIKIKI, I paired it with a pair of black skinny jeans from KOTON that doesn't look black anymore due to it fading from constant washing now its like a stonewash but I don't mind. On my feet are CONVERSE which belongs to my brother but I thought it went well with the outfit so I wore it. The outfit looked a little too casual for me so I decided to wear my skinny denim jacket from ASOS and an old beanie I fold at home but I roll it up again to make it more like a fisherman beanie. To finish of the look I wore my hologram 3D skull glasses which I got from ASOS (SIMILAR) a long time ago.

On leaving Cyprus to Lagos there hasn't been a lot of changes in terms of the weather but I will definitely say it's WAY WAY HOTTER in Cyprus but a lot more HUMID in Lagos and I've been incorporating a lot of basics in my wardrobe so I'm gonna film a video on how I style basics, you can watch it down below or on my channel - RalphKem

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