Friday, 5 May 2017


Hey Guys! So I know I don't write a lot on my blog because I just prefer visual things but I want to try something different. Every week "hopefully" I'm gonna publish a post talking about my week, things inspiring and motivating me, the music I'm listening to and so on. At first I wanted to make it like a video but then I just decided to do it this way. 

My Week 1st - 5th May

This week went by really quickly, well in general 2017 has been moving at a fast pace but anyways school is killing me but then again when is it not ever stressful. This week I kind of took a break from making videos and blogging because it was clashing with school work and both of them require a lot of time from studying to doing projects to editing, so I just left my camera and didn't touch it this week and I'm quite happy but with that noted I didn't stop thinking of video ideas, blog posts, new editing styles and all of that, So I just made sure to note down anything I thought of because as much as we think we'll remember we actually don't. One thing I had to reassure myself of this week was that "YOU should do what makes YOU happy and I'm currently doing that and it involves me putting and promoting myself out to the public which results into both positive and negative feedback with that noted I just want to talk about the negative feedback a bit *AND ALSO AS I AM WRITING THIS POST FOR YOU GUYS, I AM ALSO WRITING IT FOR MYSELF* people's negative feedback or perception shouldn't change YOU, DO YOU because at the end of the day it's your life, they feel because this person doesn't do certain things they like or do the things they expect then they must leave negativity and hate, IN HOPES THAT WHAT? That I will change just so you can feel alright? NAH! If you don't like something then leave it. On a brighter note one thing I'm doing and still currently learning to do "Is to not compare myself with anyone because everyone's journey is different.

Inspiration & Motivation 

The 80's/90's has been a big inspiration not only this week but since like last month, it normally is an inspiration but it's been in my head a lot for like the past few weeks. From fashion to music both African and American, people like Brenda Fassie (I used her music & interview in a video of mine - here), Janet & Michael, Alex Zitto, Mase, Aaliyah, Sisqo just to name a few. 
In terms of Motivation, I definitely say Lotanna because she helps me a lot with filming and taking pictures and she is always ready to help me bring my vision to life plus she doesn't get angry when I'm complaining about how I want my video or picture to be, with that noted this make me motivated because I know she's ready to help so I always come prepared because it's hard to find someone to help me film and do all that stuff how I want it. 


In addition to the 80's/90's music, I've also been really liking some current music, I've been playing a lot of Chloe x Halle, Kehlani, Kyle, Azealia Banks, MNEK & a bunch of oldies, to be honest I'm just a nostalgic person, I really really enjoy old movies and music a lot. I'm open to alot of genres so my music is really mixed up and all over the place but it just depends on my mood. My album for April will have to be "Caracal" by Disclosure.

For the past few weeks I've been uploading short snippets of the songs I've been listening to on my instagram story and someone I follow on my instagram (@danielkons) advised me to make a playlist because he liked the songs so that's what I did, I signed up for Spotify and created my playlists, I have 6 of them now (NeNiN-O! • Budding BubbleChill & TanIt's All Gucci) I named them after beautiful friends who inspire me | Chinenye • Enioluwafe "EnnyOh!" • Anjola "BejeweledBud" • Ife previously known as "FashionBubble" • Lotanna • Ugochi | My Spotify - ralphkem 

Everyone's Instagram | Chinenye, Enny, Anjola, Ife, Lotanna & Ugochi
This week it kind of hit me that a lot of my friends are graduating and I'm going to miss them so much. Also I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been supporting me by watching my videos and reading my blog posts, lol also thank you to those people who always complement me on my eyebrows. 
Thank You! 

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