Monday, 20 February 2017


Hey Guys! I know I haven't been giving the blog much attention because I've been busy with my Youtube Channel, you can check it out and subscribe here "RalphKem" plus school starts soon; so I've been getting myself and everything prepared because once it starts it is going to be stressful. But anyways I decided to start this series on my blog where I feature people on this Island (Cyprus) that inspire me alot. I started of with Lotanna who has been on both my blog and youtube for some time now.........

Lotanna's style is kinda of like mine in the sense that it depends on her mood and she does not like to be trapped to just one particular style but she has a lot of hippie 90's vibe going on and anything cute and cartoony but still mature in a way. Also before the photoshoot I didn't want us to match because I wanted her to show style rather than styling herself to match mine. I know I don't write enough or kind explain the outfits in full but I guess thats just my style, I prefer the pictures doing the explanation if that makes sense but I really hope you guys like it.

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