Sunday, 1 November 2015


Hey Guys! So as most of you know I don't really dress smart (the whole suit & tie shebang) but I decided to change my look a bit and go for preppy kinda of look because i've been really loving it, also i've been trying out a lot of things of recent plus I got this nice sweater so i decided to do this look for you guys and i'll be definitely be recreating this look which will be "PREPPY II".

So first of, the main item would definitely have to be this super comfortable sweater which I got from a store called Koton, after walking around the store for about 10mins I finally decided to get the sweater and it was the pattern on it that got my attention. 
I paired it with an oxford shirt from NewLook via Asos, a pair of skinny jeans which is also from Koton, my white slip-on plimsolls which i've been really liking and for accessories I wore my reclaimed vintage clear glasses and my wide brim fedora from accessoryo and I decided to throw on my camel coat because the weather is definitely too cold for just the sweater. Also check out my new video below or RalphKem on YouTube. Hope you like it 
Shirt - NewLook|Sweater - Koton|Jeans - Koton|Plimsolls- ASOS|Hat - Accessoryo|Glasses - Asos|Coat - Asos 
Camera - Amazon Lens - Amazon


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