Saturday, 29 August 2015


Hey Guys! I'm really sorry I haven't posted anything in a while now, I've been so stressed out from my internship but today I went out with a friend of mine (Nenni) to have lunch and we went to the Blowfish Hotel in Victoria Island; I had already made researches about the place and I just loved the whole pink look, so my outfit was inspired by the place and I just really really liked how everything turned out.
The whole look was from ASOS head to toe, everything was on sale and the links are below plus I've been really liking jeans with raw edge hem. We didn't want to look to matchy so my friend wore an all black look with an oversized denim jacket and I had a great time and got some good pictures also for you guys. Hope you like it 
White Shirt - ASOS|Pink Sweater - ASOS|Black Jeans - ASOS|White Plimsolls - ASOS


  1. This is probably my favorite post! The outfits are perf x

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  3. First time on the blog and this post just caught my eye.. A guy rocking colours is always super cool and sexy... Nice one


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