Saturday, 23 May 2015


Hey Guys! So Spring-Fest is here and I decided to do a combination of Spring Fest Day 1 to 3 instead an individual post, the Spring-Fest actually last for 4 days but I didn't attend on Sunday because I had an exam on Monday so I stayed in. Day 1 was really fun, it was the first day so I was just looking around and checking everything out because this is my first Spring Fest here in Cyprus so I didn't really take too many pictures as I wanted to.
 It was really crowded with people from different cities, tents everywhere selling different food items, there was a concert on the main field with so many acts and the fireworks were amazing. Day 2 was also great no fireworks this time around still crowded but not as much as Day 1 because I think a lot of people were tired, there was still great food the concert was pretty nice although I didn't know the band that performed, some activities also too place during the day but I was way to tired to get up and take pictures but day 2 was nice.
                   Day 3 the final day for me was not really fun just alright I literally just had candy floss took some pictures and left, tomorrow is the last day and everyone thinks its gonna be grand but I can't because I have a paper on Monday. Hope you like it

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