Sunday, 15 February 2015


Hey Guys! So as most of you have noticed some of my posts got deleted apart from the latest one, so decided to have a post up for you guys and the first thing that came to my mind was this camel coat I got from ASOS and sorry for the quality of some of the pictures looking gloomy, the weather was so unpredictable, we were literally chasing the sun. 
Anyways like I said I got the coat from ASOS, as you guys know am really into the whole causal look rather than formal so I paired it up with a mesh long-line t-shirt also from ASOS, a plain white tee inside, jeans and a white plimsoll also from ASOS. I do shop alot on ASOS and I've really mentioned ASOS a lot in this post already (I should stop). Anyways, I really like dressing causally so it depends on you and how you want to style it, the camel coat just adds an extra style to whatever you pair it with and I feel it is a must have for fall or winter.  Hope you like it

Coat - ASOS|Mesh T-Shirt - ASOS|Jeans - GAP|Plimsolls -ASOS|Hat - H&M
Glasses (Clear) - ASOS|Glasses - ASOS




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